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“Most of all Marita has an absolutely beautiful voice!” These words came from the legendary norwegian soprano Ingrid Bjoner during the Queen Sonja Competition in Oslo/Norway. Bjoner was member of the Jury that agreed that Marita had the most beautiful voice of all the finalist of the competition. “She has a voice with a great potential”, conluded Bjoner. (Erik Modal, Flekkefjords tidende January 24. 2003)

”…she (Marita Solberg) that also got fantastic reviews for her role as Pamina in Tryllefløyten at the norwegian opera. Some meant she was the best Pamina ever.” (Per Magne Midjo, Trønderavisa August 9. 2003)

”She has one of those rare voices you don`t here often. The dimensions of it is nearly mystical – great and mature with a touch of the unsaid, as if it is brought out of a deep,secret source.  Marita Sølberg has the potensial to become one of our most brilliant stars. (Arendalsposten mandag 11. februar)

”After this consert we know how an angel sounds. At least it has rarely been more connection between the concepcion of what an angel present and what Marita Solberg song.”  (Hroar Kleppe, Adresseavisa July 29th 2002)  >>>